Asbestos awareness online training course, click here to register and start trainingIf you are working in the construction, or demolition industry and are working within the removal of asbestos, then you are required to hold a valid and up to date asbestos awareness certificate.

Asbestos was used as a building material in the UK from the 1950’s to the mid 1980’s and it was used for a variety of purposes and was ideal for fireproofing and insulation for homes, factories and offices etc.

Our online asbestos awareness training course covers the risk, why you need to avoid exposure and what can happen with exposure, as well as what to do if you do come across possible asbestos to ensure you and your work colleagues are kept safe.

Click here to register and start your trainingOur training is conducted using a video based training system and all course course materials are available as a download after you have completed the simple registration process, so that you can follow the course content as you progress through training. Once you have successfully completed our online asbestos awareness course you will also be able to print your certification.

The course fee for training is £25 + vat and you can register and start your course now by clicking the “Register Now” button on the right, which will take you to the registration page. If you would like to see the course content the please follow this link to our Asbestos Awareness Training page.