Being prepared and able to treat someone who has suffered a life threatening severe cut is important and understanding how to use tourniquet’s and haemostatic dressings will aid you in controlling the blood loss.

Tourniquets and Haemostatic Dressings are now available to be used within workplace first aid and it is very important to understand how to use these correctly and to keep you patient safe until the arrival of the emergency services.

Course Content

  • About tourniquets and Haemostatics
  • The rule changes
  • Haemostatic or tourniquet
  • Trauma dressing
  • Types of tourniquet
  • What damage can tourniquets do
  • CAT tourniquet
  • SOFT-T tourniquet
  • MAT tourniquet
  • Improvised tourniquets
  • Applying a second tourniquet
  • Haemostatics
  • Packing a wound
  • Celox gauze
  • Celox A
  • Celox granuals
  • Other Haemostatics
  • Monitoring patients
  • Shock

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This course is an ideal training platform for tree surgeons, forestry commission workers, or anyone who works in a high risk environment and needs to gain knowledge of how to treat catastrophic bleeding.

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