Our CPD certified online customer service training course will help you understand how to build working relationships with existing customers and also potential new customers. Also how to satisfy your existing customer satisfactions, which will help you keep a good customer base and expand your business.

Customer service course, register for training nowThis online customer service training course covers subjects which include, why it is important to understand your customers needs, how teamwork may affect your customer relationship with you, customer satisfaction and why feed back from your existing customers and also potential new customers is important.

This course holds 6 hours of cpd time credits and our video based training is conducted using instructor led presentations. Each video section can be re-wound to gain a better understanding of the training course content.

All course materials are available as a download, so that you can follow the course structure as you progress through the course and certification can be printed on completion. You can register and start your training now by clicking the “Register Now” button above.

  • Understand the principles of customer service
  • The purpose of customer service
  • How customer service affects the success of an organisation
  • Identify the different types of customers an organisation may have
  • Identify customer needs
  • Describe how effective teamwork impacts on customer service
  • Understand how needs and expectations are formed
  • Describe the purpose of an organisation’s service offer
  • How customer expectations are formed
  • Describe the relationship between customer expectations and customer satisfaction
  • Why it is important to ensure effective relationships are maintained
  • Identify methods of obtaining feedback and why this is important
  • Know the interpersonal skills and appropriate behaviour required in the customer service environment
  • Identify different methods of communication
  • Describe the range of interpersonal skills required for effective customer service
  • Explain how non-verbal communication of the service deliverer can affect the behaviour of the customer
  • Describe how personal presentation, approach and attitude will influence the perception of the service delivered
  • Describe the appropriate behaviour and customer service skills required when using the telephone
  • Explain why it is important to ensure that the customer is informed and reassured at all stages
  • Understand the principles of responding to problems or complaints
  • Identify common causes of problems and complaints
  • Describe the importance of adapting methods of communication and behaviour to meet the individual needs of customers
  • Describe ways of handling difficult customer situations
  • The importance of responding to a service issue promptly

This online customer service training course is ideal for reception staff, telesales and marketing, medical staff and receptionists, or anyone who deals with existing, or new customers on a daily basis.

Please contact us for additional information regarding any of the training programmes that we are able to offer, either through our contact us page, or for additional information please see our online customer service course website.