Back problems are a big concern for companies and having your office staff training for the correct set up of their computers and posture could save your staff from suffering back pain while working at their computers, as there are many medical conditions that can arise from incorrect positioning of your display screen and incorrect seating and desk arrangements, which can include back and neck problems, arm and wrist problems, sight and also stiffness in joints.

Display screen equipment course, register for training nowTraining for your staff can be a simple process of completing our online dse training course, as our course is conducted using a video based training programme, with instructor led presentations. Our course is also CPD certified and is available with 2 hours of cpd time credits and on successful completion of training you will be able to print your DSE certification.

Each video can be rewound, or paused to gain a better understanding of the course and also using our course materials, which you can download after you have completed the simple registration process and you can complete training in your own time, as once you have registered for training you can leave the course and return another day, as the programme returns to the position you originally left.

Registration is simple by clicking the start now button above, or if you would like to see the course content regarding our online display screen equipment training programme please see our DSE Training page.