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Tourniquets and Haemostatic Dressings are now available to be used within workplace first aid and we offer this CPD certified online tourniquet and haemostatic dressing training course which will help you understand how use these items correctly and how to control catastrophic bleeding.

Course Overview

  • Video based training
  • 1 hour of training video
  • CPD certified
  • Print certification on completion
  • 3 year valid certification
  • Course fee includes manual & certification

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Our online tourniquet & haemostatic online training is CPD certified and is available with 2 hours of CPD time credits, which you can download on successful completion of this course.

All course materials associated with this online training programme are downloadable, so that they can be used to follow the course structure and content as you progress through the course.

This online tourniquet & haemostatic dressing training course is an ideal training platform for tree surgeons, the forestry industry, high risk working environments, or anyone who is required to hold valid and up to date tourniquet & haemostatic dressing certification.

Our course is conducted using a video based learning system, with instructor led presentations and you can register and start this course, then leave the course and return another time, the course returns to the same position, from where you originally left.

Once you have successfully completed your course you will be able to print your tourniquet & haemostatic training certification.

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Programme Content

  • About tourniquets and Haemostatics
  • The rule changes
  • Haemostatic or tourniquet
  • Trauma dressing
  • Types of tourniquet
  • What damage can tourniquets do
  • CAT tourniquet
  • SOFT-T tourniquet
  • MAT tourniquet
  • Improvised tourniquets
  • Applying a second tourniquet
  • Haemostatics
  • Packing a wound
  • Celox gauze
  • Celox A
  • Celox granuals
  • Other Haemostatics
  • Monitoring patients
  • Shock

Our online tourniquet training course is designed to meet the ERC first aid changes for the workplace and this online tourniquet course is an ideal training solution for forestry commission workers, tree surgeons, people working within metal sheering, glass manufacture, or any high risk working environment, or anyone who would like to gain a current and up to date tourniquet and haemostatic dressing certificate.

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Appointed person first aid training course online for the workplace, cpd certified certification.

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